G phyFuns (IoT RTOS SDK 0.9.9)

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The internal PHY management code (libphy, and one function in libpp) makes use of a function table structure called g_phyFuns which holds pointers to device-specific PHY functions.

g_phyFuns appears it may be different for "v5" vs "v6" 'chip' version (all known ESP8266s are v6), and some fields may be configured differently based on runtime configuration (unconfirmed).

It's possible under the non-RTOS SDK a lot of these functions are in ROM, but under the RTOS SDK they are all in SPI flash (despite the rom_ prefix on the names.)

Structure Members

g_phyFuns is a pointer to g_phyFuns_instance, which is the actual structure of pointers. In libphy the instance is positioned immediately after the g_phyFuns pointer (ie the pointer resolves to its own address plus 4.)

Usage in the SDK code double dereferences the g_phyFuns pointer. In xtobjdis, this looks like [[g_phyFuns]+0xb0] where the offset (0xb0) matches the offsets given below.

This table is based on dumping g_phyFuns in a running RTOS SDK 0.9.9, in Station mode (unknown if the functions are different in other modes.)

Offset Points To Initialised Referenced by Notes
0x0000 rom_abs_temp
0x0004 rom_chip_v5_disable_cca
0x0008 rom_chip_v5_enable_cca
0x000c rom_chip_v5_sense_backoff
0x0010 rom_dc_iq_est
0x0014 NULL
0x0018 rom_en_pwdet
0x001c rom_get_bb_atten
0x0020 rom_get_corr_power
0x0024 ram_get_fm_sar_dout register_chip_v6_phy
0x0028 ram_get_noisefloor register_chip_v6_phy
0x002c rom_get_power_db
0x0030 rom_iq_est_disable
0x0034 rom_iq_est_enable
0x0038 rom_linear_to_db
0x003c rom_set_txclk_en
0x0040 rom_set_rxclk_en
0x0044 rom_mhz2ieee
0x0048 ram_rxiq_get_mis register_chip_v6_phy
0x004c rom_sar_init
0x0050 rom_set_ana_inf_tx_scale
0x0054 rom_set_loopback_gain
0x0058 ram_set_noise_floor register_chip_v6_phy
0x005c NULL
0x0060 NULL
0x0064 ram_start_noisefloor register_chip_v6_phy
0x0068 rom_start_tx_tone
0x006c rom_stop_tx_tone
0x0070 rom_txtone_linear_pwr
0x0074 ram_tx_mac_disable register_chip_v6_phy
0x0078 ram_tx_mac_enable register_chip_v6_phy
0x007c rom_ana_inf_gating_en
0x0080 rom_set_channel_freq
0x0084 rom_chip_50_set_channel
0x0088 ram_chip_v6_rx_init register_chip_v6_phy
0x008c rom_chip_v5_tx_init
0x0090 rom_i2c_readReg
0x0094 rom_i2c_readReg_Mask
0x0098 rom_i2c_writeReg
0x009c rom_i2c_writeReg_Mask
0x00a0 ram_pbus_debugmode register_chip_v6_phy
0x00a4 rom_pbus_enter_debugmode
0x00a8 rom_pbus_exit_debugmode
0x00ac rom_pbus_force_test
0x00b0 rom_pbus_rd
0x00b4 rom_pbus_set_rxgain
0x00b8 rom_pbus_set_txgain
0x00bc rom_pbus_workmode
0x00c0 rom_pbus_xpd_rx_off
0x00c4 rom_pbus_xpd_rx_on
0x00c8 rom_pbus_xpd_tx_off
0x00cc rom_pbus_xpd_tx_on
0x00d0 rom_pbus_xpd_tx_on__low_gain
0x00d4 rom_phy_reset_req
0x00d8 ram_restart_cal register_chip_v6_phy
0x00dc rom_rfpll_reset
0x00e0 rom_write_rfpll_sdm
0x00e4 rom_rfpll_set_freq
0x00e8 ram_cal_tos_v60 register_chip_v6_phy
0x00ec rom_pbus_dco___SA2
0x00f0 rom_rfcal_pwrctrl
0x00f4 rom_rfcal_rxiq
0x00f8 rom_rfcal_rxiq_set_reg
0x00fc rom_rfcal_txcap
0x0100 rom_rfcal_txiq
0x0104 rom_rfcal_txiq_cover
0x0108 rom_rfcal_txiq_set_reg
0x010c ram_rxiq_cover_mg_mp register_chip_v6_phy
0x0110 rom_set_txbb_atten
0x0114 rom_set_txiq_cal