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So you want to join in and help with the reverse engineering efforts? Great! Come on in!

There's tons of stuff out there to be done, from fiddling with the hardware, to poking at memory locations to see what they do, to disassembling and puzzling out bits of the SDK. If you're not sure you're up to actually puzzling out some of this stuff for yourself but still want to help out, there's also tons of stuff that can be done to help organize things and make the wiki more useful, or search around the net for bits of information that we don't have yet and add them here, or collect some of the neat bits of information we've found here and help disseminate them to the rest of the world, too!

If you want to help out but aren't sure exactly where to start, that's OK, too. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Browse around the wiki a bit looking for red links (linking to pages that don't exist), and see if you can fill in some of the missing information (note: Please only create a page if you have some useful information on the subject, don't just create empty pages to make the links not red anymore. Red links are actually helpful because they tell people what still needs to be done)
  • Check the Category:Todo page for things which still need some tasks to be done, or bits of information to be filled in.
  • Want to jump in and try something nobody else has yet? Check the Category:Ideas page for suggestions folks have come up with for new things to try or play with.
  • Good at organization? There's almost always something in the Category:Cleanup page which we could use some help reorganizing or rewriting, or making make more sense.

If there's a particular page or area you find interesting, be sure to also check the Discussion tab (in the upper-left corner) to see if there are questions or concerns that need to be straightened out (or valuable information which needs to be added to the page, etc) as well.

Please note: This is not Wikipedia, but we do believe in the Wikipedia philosophy here: Be Bold! If you've got something constructive to add, don't be afraid to just jump in and add it!